Course Equivalence Database


The mappings approved are available below for student's reference:

Important Notes

  • The Course Equivalence Database contains lists of course mappings with the general rule of credit conversion previously approved.
  • Students should use the Database as a reference only. The Database will be updated from time to time and students going for exchange program should check the Database again before the actual study to make sure the course mapping still exists.
  • Students SHOULD check the course offering information from the partner institution websites, as the database here only indicates the possible credit transfer mappings, but NOT the availability of such courses in respective institutions.

Approved Mapping of Courses

  • Course mappings previously approved are recorded in the Database.
  • Normally, students taking a course listed in the Database will be granted credits according to the mapping in the Database provided that:
    • The course taken is the same as the one recorded in the Database (e.g. with the same course code, course title, content and number of credits)
    • The course is taken within the valid period

For students taking courses with deviations in any of the items above, their credit transfer application will be reassessed in the submission to Academic Registry upon completion of elsewhere study.

  • Students going on exchange programs and planning to take courses not listed in the Database may submit an assessment application before the actual study.

Credit Conversion

  • For course-credit transfer, where a transferred course is equivalent to a specific course in the HKUST course catalog, the number of credits granted will be the same as the HKUST course, regardless of the number of credits given by the host institutions or any other factors.
  • For credit-only transfer, where credits cannot be transferred to a specific HKUST course but to elective courses only, the number of transfer credits granted will be determined by the corresponding academic units of the relevant subjects.
  • For students who are studying in institutions not listed in the Database, the number of credits to be granted will be determined in their credit transfer application submitted to Academic Registry upon completion of elsewhere study.
  • The above conversion is a general rule for student’s reference only. There are exceptions to the rule above and students are recommended to check the approved cases in the Database.
  • Should there be any discrepancy between the transcript issued by the host institutions and the reference list below, the final decision will be made based on the credit value displayed on the transcript.