Application Procedure

Students who would like to apply for credit transfer on entry should follow the procedure below:



  1. Consult their School or major department for advice on the equivalent HKUST course to apply.
  2. Submit the following documents to ARR no later than one month after the beginning of the student’s first regular term of study at HKUST:
    • Completed application - Application for Credit Transfer on Entry (For 4Y Undergraduate Studies) –  Online Application System ;
    • Official transcript or examination certificate - a copy of finalized results and/or transcript notes from the authority / external institution; upon request students shall present the original or true copy of the documents submitted, particularly for those never been presented to the University (e.g. Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions Office); AND
    • Course/subject information - subject syllabuses, course outline including class schedules with topics, assessment criteria and the number of contact hours (lecture/tutorials), and any other information relevant to the application; the information is important particularly for subjects/courses not in the Course Equivalence Database.

Only courses with a passing grade or above will be considered and applications with incomplete information or missing supporting documents will NOT be processed.

The processing time for an application is at least one month. Students may check the details of the result from the Student Information System or the Credit Transfer Application System.