Transfer Credit by Examination

  1. This Database covers the approved mappings for transfer credits granted on entry based on pre-tertiary qualifications / examinations.
  2. Students should use the Database, which will be updated from time to time, as a reference only.
  3. There may be restrictions (or exclusions) on transfer to HKUST courses (e.g. students may only apply for credit transfer to MATH1013 OR MATH1020, but not both; Business & Management students may not apply for credit transfer to SOSC1440, COMP1001, MATH2411, etc.) hence students may not be eligible to apply credit transfer for all mapping courses in the Database. For details, please consult respective academic advisors.
  4. There are some cases that credit transfer may be applied from one particular subject attainment to more than one HKUST equivalent courses (e.g. PHYS1111 AND PHYS1113).
  5. There are some cases that students need to choose to apply credit transfer to only one particular HKUST equivalent course among a number of courses (e.g. HUMA1410 OR HUMA1440); and students may want to consult their academic advisors before submitting the applications.
  6. Students who have attained the required level of English proficiency are eligible for the credit transfer of 6 University Common Core English Communications credits (equivalent to LANG1002 and LANG1003); for details please click here.