Transfer Credit by Institution Courses

  1. This Database covers the approved mappings for transfer credits granted based on studies attained in post-secondary institutions outside Hong Kong.
  2. Students should use the Database, which will be updated from time to time, as a reference only.
  3. Students will NOT be automatically granted the transfer credits even if there are equivalent course mappings in the Database. Students are required to submit an application for approval upon admission to/return to study at HKUST.
  4. Students may not be given transfer credits for courses where no credit is granted from the host institutions.
  5. There may be restrictions (or exclusions) on transfer to HKUST courses (e.g. IS Major students of 2014-15 Cohort and after are not allowed to use IS 1000-level / 2000-level to count towards IS Elective, students may only apply for credit transfer to MATH1013 OR MATH1020, but not both) hence students may not be eligible to apply credit transfer for all mapping courses in the Database. For details, please consult respective academic advisors.
  6. Students who have attained the required level of English proficiency before admission are eligible for the credit transfer of 6 University Common Core English Communications credits (equivalent to LANG1002 and LANG1003); for details please click here.
  7. Students may only apply for credit transfer to HKUST courses which are active in the academic term when the transfer credits are articulated (for transfer credits on-entry it refers to the first academic term, for transfer credits during studies e.g. in exchange program it refers to the term of study elsewhere).
e.g. 1013, 2000LEVEL, 1000SACC, HMCC